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Realize the Best Version of Yourself—Here and Now.

How To Get There




“I’ve climbed to the tops of mountains, I’ve jumped out of airplanes, and this was one of the most amazing and powerful things I have ever experienced. Definitely the most profound.”

—Jason, Designer

“Thank you for all you do, Fred, to facilitate healing. Your gift is a most powerful medicine.”

—Kim, Financial Controller

“One of the most important things Fred said is get real and be authentic. I’m working on that.”

—John, Machinery Operator

“Fred was the one highlight of the weekend. It sparked a desire for me to further explore in life.”


“I loved our last gathering and continue to feel great shifts in my relationships. Thank you!”

“It was my first exposure to real Tantric philosophy and, I admit, I was smitten.”
“When I am looking for support from a sex positive, no shame, non-judgment person, Fred is the one that always comes to mind.”
“It was a profound and life-affirming event.”
“It was my Self truly letting go and falling into the peace of this sacred space and this energy flow of our breath together. This was one of the most amazing healing sessions I have ever been a part of.”
—Gary, Software Engineer
“Working with Fred literally saved my life. I don’t know what I would have done without him.”
—Jason, Graphic Designer
“I laughed and cried and felt inspired as I read through your book here in Kauai… You have an amazing twist with words that brings out both a fresh humor and touching pathos. BRAVO!”
—Ann, Vintner
“Fred is an incredible storyteller and communicator. He affects me so deeply by being willing to be so honest and vulnerable… The combination of Fred’s deep, loving compassion and lighthearted spirit and zest for life are truly, truly inspiring to me.”
—Erika, Nurse
“We worked with Fred Coyote…and he was fantastic! We felt closer and more open after his workshop!”